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Drennan Bait Spikes Drennan Bait Spikes
6 in stock
Drennan Bait Spikes These are one of the easiest and fastest ways of attaching small hair rigged hook baits They are strong enough not to bend and these short section spikes can be pushed right inside mini boilies, dumbells and wafters providing perfect bait presentation and total casting confidence Perfect bait presentation Barb ensures maximum hold and gives total casting confidence Unobtrusive…
Drennan Float Stops Drennan Float Stops
3 in stock
Drennan Float Stops Float Stops avoid the risk of line damage and have a variety of uses. They are ideal for trapping wagglers, or as light bomb and link leger stops. They can also act as a buffer or slim rubber bead on all sorts of rigs. The Range: Small Medium Features: Avoid the risk of line damage Easy to use Multiple uses 15 Float Stops per packet
Drennan Grippa Stops Drennan Grippa Stops
6 in stock
Drennan Grippa Stops Grippa Stops are large, tapered rubber float stops which hold position on the line exceptionally well. The Grippa Stop’s bulbous end makes a perfect stop for small sliding rings, or for locking wagglers into position. Two Grippa Stops next to each other provide even more security when casting heavy bombs, wagglers and feeders. The direction of the stop on the main line can als…
Drennan Hair Stops Drennan Hair Stops
17 in stock
Drennan Hair Stops Drennan Hair Stops have a special dumbell shape that is designed to hold the hair loop securely in position. Having miniature tapered ends, they feed easily into the smallest hair loop, even one which is wet and has stayed closed. Hair Stops are available in two sizes 3.5mm which are ideal for small baits and mini boilies and large at 4.5mm for larger boilies or softer baits whe…
Drennan Leger Stops Drennan Leger Stops
22 in stock
Drennan Leger Stops The classic Leger Stop is small, neat and as popular as ever. Simply pass the line through the collar and push in the plug to trap the line in place. Leger Stops are made from a super soft plastic to ensure no line damage is caused. Features: Super soft plastic Easy to use 10 per packet
Drennan Method Connectors Drennan Method Connectors
4 in stock
Drennan Method Connectors These quick-change Drennan Method Connectors allow you to quickly change feeders and hooklengths. They are designed to go with the Drennan In-Line Flat Method Feeders and Pellet Feeders but they are also suitable for lots of other uses where a quick change connection is required. They provide an easy loop-to-loop, slimline join which locates neatly back inside the body of…
Drennan Mixed Float Caps Drennan Mixed Float Caps
2 in stock
Drennan Mixed Float Caps Float Caps are used for attaching Stick Floats, Loafers, Avons and other top and bottom floats to the line. They also allow the angler to quickly change floats in seconds. A cap should be placed just below the tip of the float and to prevent larger floats from slipping, add a second cap at the base of the float. Features: Five sizes Different colours Durable
Drennan Pole Float Silicone Drennan Pole Float Silicone
35 in stock
Drennan Pole Float Silicone Pole Float Silicone comes in four different diameters and consists of two pre-cut sizes of silicone tubing in each pack. Supplied with both black and clear silicone, you can use the black with carbon stems and the clear for wire. The Range: Ex Fine - 0.4mm x 1.1mm Fine - 0.5mm x 1.3mm Medium - 0.7mm x 1.4mm Large - 0.9mm x 1.6mm Features: Each packet contains approximat…
Drennan Pushstops Drennan Pushstops
9 in stock
Drennan Pushstops Pushstops offer a much easier and quicker method for baiting up These are high quality, precision moulded Pushstops, so each stop is identical to the next one, ensuring a consistent fit. Pushstops are ideal for soft baits such as sweetcorn, expander pellets, cubes of meat and even worms. With the aid of a 1.5mm Drennan Pushstop Drill, they can also be used to mount boilies, dumbb…
Drennan Quick Change Beads Drennan Quick Change Beads
6 in stock
Drennan Quick Change Beads Quick Change Beads are precision made for a perfect fit. They enable you to change your hooklength instantly and also act as a shock bead when fishing a running leger or feeder. These Quick Change Beads are precision made from high-quality English tooling so that the two components have a nice consistent fit. The outer bead is semi-flexible and grips in place securely ov…
Drennan Quick Change Run Rings Drennan Quick Change Run Rings
9 in stock
Drennan Quick Change Run Rings Medium They are produced in a super slick, hard grade polymer that slides beautifully on monofilament, the clip link is easy to open and is masked by exactly the right length of silicone tube to prevent tangles. Designed to work perfectly with Swivel Stop Beads and Quick Change Beads. Run Rings offer a free running setup perfect for fishing targeting a variety of spe…
Drennan Safe Links Drennan Safe Links
20 in stock
Drennan Safe Links Safe Links allow the angler to make quick changes of weights and feeders without the need to re-tackle. They are ideal for specialist, pike and carp rigs and also work well with a variety of beads. Features: 10 per pack Multiple uses Great for attaching feeders


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