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Elastic & Accessories

Elastic & Accessories

Drennan Aqua F1 & Silverfish Bungee Drennan Aqua F1 & Silverfish Bungee
5 in stock
Drennan Aqua F1 & Silverfish Bungee It’s time to start thinking about scaling down your hooks and line to keep those bites coming through the colder Autumn and Winter months. Our Aqua F1 & Silverfish Bungee is a hollow elastic with incredible stretch and shock absorption. It is just 1.5mm in diameter and rated 4-6, making it the lightest elastic in the Bungee range. Combine it with a Side Pull Kit…
Drennan Dacron Connectors Drennan Dacron Connectors
14 in stock
Drennan Dacron Connectors These lightweight Dacron Connectors feature a braided material that is coated to ensure it is kind to both your line and the elastic A lightweight alternative to the traditional, plastic elastic connector. The material is also designed to be stiff enough to help push the mainline away from the pole tip, which vastly reduces the chance of wrap-over tangles. There are four…
Drennan Hook UPs & Depth Marker Bands Drennan Hook UPs & Depth Marker Bands
Out of stock
Drennan Hook UPs & Depth Marker Bands Hook Ups and Depth Marker Bands are essential items of pole fishing equipment. Hook Ups allow you to keep your pole rig safely on your top kit when you are not using it. They are best set at rig depths to avoid exposing unnecessary lengths of elastic under tension. This avoids over-tensioning the elastic and exposing it to sunlight for too long. Depth Marker B…
Drennan Pole Elastic Connectors Drennan Pole Elastic Connectors
16 in stock
Drennan Pole Elastic Connectors Drennan Pole Elastic Connectors have a unique locking sleeve to ensure the rig cannot come off during fishing Four sizes are available, supplied in different colours for instant identification. Two connectors per pack. Micro — 1–4 elastic (0.08–0.10mm rig line) Small — 4–8 elastic (0.09–0.12mm rig line) Medium — 8–14 elastic (0.10–0.16mm rig line) Carp — 14–20 elast…
Drennan Pole Hook Ups Drennan Pole Hook Ups
Out of stock
Drennan Pole Hook Ups The 4 large and 8 medium diameter elasticated Hook Ups fit virtually all pole top kits. They provide secure trouble free storage of spare rigs and avoid unnecessary exposure of latex pole elastic to damaging sunlight.
Drennan Polemaster Winder Bungs Drennan Polemaster Winder Bungs
8 in stock
Drennan Polemaster Winder Bungs Produced in an extra tough, ultra light material, the four sizes of Polemaster Winder Bungs fit an extremely wide range of top sections Each Winder Bung will hold numerous turns of elastic, allowing small lengths to be let out or wound in and precise adjustments to be made to the tension of your pole elastic. The Medium and Large sizes will even hold a several turns…
Drennan Power Pull Elastic Drennan Power Pull Elastic
24 in stock
Drennan Power Pull Elastic Power Pull is an advanced performance solid core pole elastic which provides better stretch and recovery, better long life durability and better fish playing power The material has an extra smooth surface finish which helps to ensure its tough durability. Its elongation and recovery is excellent and it seems to power up when extended and playing bigger fish. For its stre…
Drennan Pull Bung Drennan Pull Bung
3 in stock
Drennan Pull Bung Pull Bung is aimed at the pole angler who wants to tighten up the elastic temporarily when landing a fish. This clever device enables the angler to adjust the amount of elastic a fish can take from the base end of a top kit. Used sensibly it can enable an angler to effectively use a lighter grade of pole elastic and still be in control of both large and small fish. The pack comes…
Drennan Puller Beads Drennan Puller Beads
16 in stock
Drennan Puller Beads Suitable for low diameter bungee and solid pole elastic Puller Beads are produced with different diameter central holes to suit a variety of solid and hollow pole elastics and are colour coded to match Drennan bungee colours and diameters. Manufactured in a semi-flexible polymer, they are designed to hold elastic knots securely in place and also allow adjustments to elastic te…
Drennan Super Slick Carp Bungee Bushes Drennan Super Slick Carp Bungee Bushes
9 in stock
Drennan Super Slick Carp Bungee Bushes Super Slick Carp Bungee Bushes are made from pure white PTFE and shaped to match up with Polemaster Bungee Connectors. They help to improve stretch and recovery of pole elastic and reduce elastic wear. Features: Two per packet Super slick Improve stretch and recovery of pole elastic Reduce elastic wear The Range: 6-12 (Green and Yellow Bungee rating) 10-16 (Y…
Drennan Super Slick Internal Bungee Bushes Drennan Super Slick Internal Bungee Bushes
15 in stock
Drennan Super Slick Internal Bungee Bushes Manufactured in our own factories, these bushes provide an elongated slippery tube section right at the pole tip. This extra working length reduces pole elastic wear and smooths both stretch and recovery. Features: Reduces pole elastic wear Smooths both stretch and recovery Two per packet The Range: 2.0mm (Green Bungee rating) 2.3mm (Green & Yellow Bungee…
Guru Paste Pot Guru Paste Pot
Out of stock
Guru Paste Pot These pots are ideal for placing your paste bait inside while shipping out your rig. Details 2 pots per pack 2 different slot sizes to fit most pole diameters Slots to stop paste sticking Super light Can also be used as a feeding pot


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