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Bait Accessories

Bait Accessories

Drennan Bait Drill Drennan Bait Drill
10 in stock
Drennan Bait Drill This 1.3mm diameter bait drill is ideal for making neat holes in a variety of hard or semi-hard baits like pellets, nuts and boilies. By simply rotating the round handle between the fingers a clean, round hole can be formed. Features: 1.3mm diameter drill Perfect for boilies and pellets
Drennan Latex Pellet Bands Drennan Latex Pellet Bands
31 in stock
Drennan Latex Bait Bands Latex Bait Bands are super stretchy pellet bands that are massively versatile and can be used for small baits when after skimmers and little F1's right the way up to dog biscuit fishing for carp. The dark coloured bands are also perfect for banding halibut pellets for barbel on rivers. These latex bait bands stretch more and grip better than previous versions and are flexi…
Drennan Maggi Box Bait Box 2.2 Pint Aqua Drennan Maggi Box Bait Box 2.2 Pint Aqua
14 in stock
Drennan Maggi Box Bait Box 2.2 Pint Aqua Maggi Boxes come with a standard vented lid to allow baits like maggots and worms to breathe. All of our bait boxes are made from a solid polymer which can be frozen without splitting. Features: Available in Aqua, Olive, Graphite, Black Square format fits into bait waiters 2.2 pint and 3.3 pint Maggi Boxes are perfect with the standard Drennan Bait Waiter 1…
Drennan Modular Bait Box Drennan Modular Bait Box
£2.55 - £2.95
17 in stock
Drennan Modular Bait Box Available in both one pint (0.57 litres) and three pint (1.7 litres) the new Bait Boxes come supplied with a ventilated lid to suit a range fishing baits such as maggots and worms which need to breathe. These new sizes are made from high quality British tooling and moulded in a tough, durable polymer that won’t split and is freezer proof. The DMS Pellet Strainer fits perfe…
Drennan Natural Latex Pellet Bands Drennan Natural Latex Pellet Bands
32 in stock
Drennan Natural Latex Pellet Bands Natural Latex Pellet Bands are tough, durable and incredibly stretchy. Bait bands can be attached directly to the hook, fished on a hair rig with a band stretched around a pellet or, alternatively, the band can be stretched and pulled inside a drilled pellet or boilie with a Drennan Band Puller. Pre-cut ready to use and, by buying the appropriately sized bands, t…
Drennan Pellet Band Puller Drennan Pellet Band Puller
2 in stock
Drennan Pellet Band Puller The Band Puller is a great aid for baiting up with a multitude of hair-rigged hook baits The handy tool enables you to securely mount baits such as expander pellets, meat, sweetcorn and drilled boilies onto a hair-rigged latex band without ripping or damaging the band. To use, simply pierce a hook bait with the needle end of the Band Puller, then use the curved ‘crook’ t…
Drennan Pellet Band Stretcher Drennan Pellet Band Stretcher
2 in stock
Drennan Pellet Band Stretcher The Pellet Band Stretcher is an extremely useful gadget that helps to make the process of baiting up with baits such as hard pellets and dumbell boilies easier. To use, simply insert the four pointed prongs inside a latex band and press the spring-loaded plunger mechanism to open them up. The prongs will then stretch the latex band wide enough for you to insert the ho…
Drennan Pushstop Drill Drennan Pushstop Drill
3 in stock
Drennan Pushstop Drill The 1.5mm Pushstop Drill goes with the Drennan Pushstops and Drennan Pushstop Pusher system, producing the ideal size hole in baits like hard pellets and boilies It produces the ideal size in a hook bait, which allows a Pushstop to go through without splitting the bait Features: 1.5mm diameter Easy grip handle Perfect for use with boilies, pop-ups or pellets
Drennan Pushstop Pusher Drennan Pushstop Pusher
5 in stock
Drennan Pushstop Pusher The Drennan Push stop Pusher is designed to fit the Drennan Pushstops Once incorporated onto a hair-rig, an individual Pushstops remains on the hair and should hold a variety of hook baits in position perfectly. The tapered point makes it quick and easy to drive through soft baits such as expanders, meat and sweetcorn. For harder baits, such as boilies and hard pellets, use…
Fox Rage Predator Bait Fins Red Fox Rage Predator Bait Fins Red
Out of stock
Fox Rage Predator Bait Fins Red Our Bait Fins ensure that once you have attached your hookbait, it isnt going to come off! As well as securing your hookbait, they also add some visual attraction to it.
Fox Rage Predator Bait Poppers Fox Rage Predator Bait Poppers
Out of stock
Fox Rage Predator Bait Poppers Designed for popping up both live and deadbaits. These buoyant foam poppers are perfect for fishing over weed. Their bright red colour provides an added attraction, provoking predators into attacking. Medium - 8 per pack Large - 6 per pack
Fox Rage Predator Deadbait Oil and Air Kit Fox Rage Predator Deadbait Oil and Air Kit
Out of stock
Fox Rage Predator Deadbait Oil and Air Kit Injecting deadbaits with air gives them sufficient buoyancy to be used in rigs that keep them off the bottom, above weed and debris. Dead coarse fish are best for this purpose. Baits can also be made more attractive to predators by adding oils and flavourings using the larger needle included.


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