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Korda Big Grippa Lead Weights Korda Big Grippa Lead Weights
£1.80 - £2.40
15 in stock
Korda Big Grippa These leads are perfect for anywhere that you need more grip, like rivers, on the sides of bars, marginal slopes or boating out at extreme range. We have recorded that you can get the same grip with a 1oz Grippa as you can with a 2oz Swivel Pear lead. So, with that in mind, you can get away with a smaller lead to do the same job, which is an advantage when fishing for barbel and c…
Korda COG (Centre Of Gravity) Kit Korda COG (Centre Of Gravity) Kit
1 in stock
Korda COG (Centre Of Gravity) Kit Used in conjunction with the Korda COG Lead, this kit enables your hook link to plug into and leave the lead at the point where it offers the most resistance to a taking fish, therefore aiding hooking. COG stands for Centre of Gravity. This lead system is so called because the rig is attached to the lead in the exact centre of gravity, ensuring that a fish that pi…
Korda Cog (Centre Of Gravity) Lead Weights Korda Cog (Centre Of Gravity) Lead Weights
22 in stock
Korda Cog Lead Weights A lead system that betters the hooking qualities of an inline, yet casts like a lead clip, with all its safety benefits? It doesn’t exist, right? Well, such a product has just arrived at Korda HQ. After what seems like ages in the development, the COG system is finally here, in physical form. COG stands for Centre of Gravity, which is a reference to the unique way that the h…
Korda Dark Matter Balancing Weights Korda Dark Matter Balancing Weights new
£5.99 - £7.99
32 in stock
Korda Dark Matter Balancing Weights Each is made from pure tungsten and precision engineered to create a counter balance for buoyant hookbaits! Perfect for spinner, chod and hinge-stiff rigs, these are a great alternative to using putty - and they can be quickly changed if required. There are five to choose from, including a mixed pack. Please note that these are designed to fit all KORDA size 11…
Korda Distance Casting Swivel Lead Weights Korda Distance Casting Swivel Lead Weights
£1.90 - £2.10
30 in stock
Distance Casting Swivel As the name suggests this lead is designed purely for casting long distances. The nose-heavy design makes it very stable indeed and also keeps the lead condensed, giving good hooking efficiency. The lead is the brainchild of Alan Partridge an 'old school' angler well known in the higher echelons of carp fishing for his innovative thinking and his long-range casting. He had…
Korda Flat Pear Swivel Lead Weights Korda Flat Pear Swivel Lead Weights
£1.80 - £2.00
50 in stock
Flat Pear Swivel A flattened version of our popular Swivel Pear leads. The high surface area makes them perfect for holding position on marginal slopes, gravel bars or on swift rivers. Their shape makes them particularly good hookers. Available in: 1.1oz / 31g 1.5oz / 43g 2.0oz / 56g 2.5oz / 70g 3.0oz / 84g 3.5oz / 100g 4.0oz / 112g
Korda Flatliner Distance Inline Lead Weights Korda Flatliner Distance Inline Lead Weights
In stock
Flatliner DIstance Inline This lead was based on a sea fishing design, which was used to hold the bottom over wrecks far out at sea. The four flat sides ensured that the lead always fell on one flat side and rarely rolled over. The nose-heavy theme has been continued here so this lead will cast a very long way for an inline. During its first ever field testing Danny Fairbrass and Danny Turtle had…
Korda Flatliner Pear Inline Lead Weights Korda Flatliner Pear Inline Lead Weights
£1.90 - £2.05
17 in stock
Korda Flatliner Pear Inline The condensed shape of this lead, coupled with the two flat sides makes it the perfect lead for bolt rigs at short to medium range. By its very nature the flat pear lead lends itself to being fished on marginal slopes, the sides or back or gravel bars and in rivers. But, in fact it is one of the most effective shapes at short to medium range because it holds so well on…
Korda Flying Back Leads Korda Flying Back Leads new
5 in stock
Korda Flying Backleads Designed to travel up your main line during the cast and pin it down around the baited area. Available in two sizes, a small 3g model or the medium 5g model. Attach to main line above tubing/leader Includes 5 additional inserts for use with braided main line 5 per pack
Korda Heli-Lead Weights Korda Heli-Lead Weights
£1.85 - £2.10
50 in stock
Heli-Lead These beautiful leads have been designed to work in conjunction with the Heli-Safe bead. Instead of a swivel, they have a ring, which makes for a much neater connection to the Heli-Safe. Once attached, the Heli-Leads stay on until a fish ejects them, perfect. Their shape makes them stable in flight and god casters! They're finished with a camo paint that's tough and chip-resistant and co…
Korda Intelligent Back Leads Korda Intelligent Back Leads
Out of stock
Korda Intelligent Back Leads This range of backleads can be attached using one hand, which is vital for trouble-free backleading. They are coated in the same way as our leads, and will pop off the line if snaged or weeded, hence the Intelligent part of the name! They are available in 0.25oz, 0.5oz, 1oz and 1.5oz versions and come in packs of three. A backlead that's simple to use and safe/Drops aw…
Korda Marker Lead Probe 3oz & 4oz Korda Marker Lead Probe 3oz & 4oz
Out of stock
Korda Marker Lead Probe 3oz & 4oz Since we released our Marker kit over two years ago we have been inundated with requests for the Probe leads that were contained within the Kit. In response to this demand, we have decided to sell these unique leads as a separate product. These leads will remain uncoated as bare lead is far more effective at transmitting the contours of the lake bed more than a st…


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