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General Terminal Tackle

General Terminal Tackle

ESP Bait Screws - Metal ESP Bait Screws - Metal
4 in stock
ESP Bait Screws - Metal These metal Bait Screws are strong enough to screw into hard baits and are ideal for D-rigs and Ronnie rigs The added benefit to using bait screws is that hookbaits can be changed within seconds. They come in packs of ten and have a matt black finish Features: 10 per packet Metal Durable
ESP Bait Screws - Plastic ESP Bait Screws - Plastic
5 in stock
ESP Bait Screws - Plastic These plastic Bait Screws are moulded in a tough, lightweight polymer and are ideal for pop-ups and wafters. PRODUCT INFORMATION The added benefit to using bait screws is that hookbaits can be changed within seconds. Features: 10 per packet Plastic Durable
ESP Chod Rig Sleeves ESP Chod Rig Sleeves
15 in stock
ESP Chod Rig Sleeves These Chod Rig Sleeves are the first of their kind on the market, designed to be used in conjunction with the chod rig to prevent the hook from coming into contact with the lead and to act as a buffer-like shock absorber when playing fish. PRODUCT INFORMATION The flexible silicone tube is mounted onto a soft sleeve which houses the lead retaining clip and provides a neat, stre…
ESP D-Sleeves & Bait Screws ESP D-Sleeves & Bait Screws new
10 in stock
ESP D-Sleeves & Bait Screws Designed for Ronnie / Spinner rigs and perfectly complement Cryogen Trig-Hammers. D-Sleeves create greater separation between the hook and pop-up for improved rig mechanics and better hook holds. The bait screw makes hook bait attachment easy and secure. The sleeve is a snug fit over the hook eye and swivel crook and makes changing the hook quick and easy. Available in…
ESP Grip Stops ESP Grip Stops
4 in stock
ESP Grip Stops These unobtrusive stops grip hook shanks and stay firmly in place They grip on a range of sizes from 4s to 10s and act as an ideal stop for ESP Micro and Mini Rig Rings and Hook Ring Swivels Features: 40 per packet Ideal for blowback and Ronnie rigs Suitable for hooks from 4s to 10s Unobtrusive Holds firmly in place
ESP Helicopter Rig Sleeves ESP Helicopter Rig Sleeves
9 in stock
ESP Helicopter Rig Sleeves Helicopter Rig Sleeves act as a buffer bead and are ideal for covering the swivel holding the lead at the bottom of the leader. PRODUCT INFORMATION These Helicopter Rig Sleeves are produced in an extra tough, flexible polymer in weedy green, camo brown and choddy silt. The semi-translucent effect makes them less obtrusive than solid coloured components. These sleeves are…
ESP Line Aligners ESP Line Aligners
20 in stock
ESP Line Aligners Line Aligners are designed to extend the hook shank at exactly the right angle. PRODUCT INFORMATION With a perfect balance of rigidity and flexibility, Line Aligners extend the hook shank at exactly the right angle to maximise hooking potential and then flex enough to avoid interfering with direct in-line pull and secure hook hold. Features: 10 per packet Perfect balance of rigid…
ESP Original Hairstops ESP Original Hairstops
13 in stock
ESP Original Hairstops Carefully designed for the carp angler, these Hairstops are excellent examples of ESP design engineering. Having miniature tapered ends, they feed easily into the smallest hair loop, even one which is wet and has stayed closed. The narrow-waisted middle provides a secure seat for the loop and the miniature dumbbell shape holds the stop firmly in place. Features: 200 per pack…
ESP Quick Change Heli Clips ESP Quick Change Heli Clips
4 in stock
ESP Quick Change Heli Clips Quick Change Heli Clips are super strong and feature a smooth black finish. They are designed to run on the leader or mainline as part of a helicopter rig set up. PRODUCT INFORMATION The crook link allows quick change of any hook length which terminates in a loop it is best to slide a Streamliner Sleeve or section of silicone tube over the crook in use. For fish safety,…
ESP Rig Rings ESP Rig Rings
10 in stock
ESP Rig Rings Rig Rings are an essential element of a variety of rigs. PRODUCT INFORMATION These Rig Rings can be used to attach hook baits on chod rigs, D-Rigs & Multi rigs or for any setup where the ring is running on the hook shank such as a blowback rig, Ronnie rig etc. They have a smooth matt black finish and come in three sizes. Features: 20 per packet Non-reflective finish Ultra smooth Avai…
ESP Rig Shrink ESP Rig Shrink
3 in stock
ESP Rig Shrink Rig Shrink is a low diameter shrink tube, suitable for all the popular carp hook sizes from 2 to 10. Rig Shrink was designed for the production of neat, anti-eject rigs. Specially formulated so that it is just stiff enough to take and retain any angle or bend set in during shrinkage. Features: 8 x 7cm lengths Matt translucent finish 3 to 1 maximum available shrink ratio
ESP Rubber Shock Beads ESP Rubber Shock Beads
14 in stock
ESP Rubber Shock Beads These Rubber Shock Beads have a multitude of uses from creating helicopter and chod rigs to being used as a buffer bead for running lead and marker setups. PRODUCT INFORMATION The 5mm Rubber Shock Beads are designed to fit perfectly over the top of 0.5mm silicone tubing when used on leadcore for helicopter and chod rigs. In the event of a break, the top bead will push off th…


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