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ESP Surface Missile Controller Float ESP Surface Missile Controller Float
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ESP Surface Missile Controller Float Available in 10g, 30g, 50g & 70g sizes. These in-line controllers have optimum length stems, an aerodynamic profile and provide accurate, tangle-free casting from short to extreme range with no oscillation in flight and minimal disturbance on splashdown. Their opaque white colour makes them visible at long range but provides an inconspicuous sub-surface silhoue…
Fox Bolt Bubbles - All Sizes Fox Bolt Bubbles - All Sizes
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Bolt Bubble Overview Fishing for surface feeding carp can be frustrating at the best of times with standard controllers being either too visible or providing a poor hooking mechanism. The Bolt Bubble is the first bubble style float specifically developed for targeting surface feeding carp. The streamlined, pear drop design pushes the weight forward to make long distance casting easy, while providi…
Fox Exocet Controller Float - All Sizes Fox Exocet Controller Float - All Sizes
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Exocet® Controller Floats Overview • Stubby shape designed to reduce diving on impact with water • Features flat faces to increase the bolt effect and improve hooking. • Removable body allows easy changing of controller sizes. • Supplied with Standard swivel and Kwik Change with micro sleeve option
Fox Exocet Marker Float Fox Exocet Marker Float
2 in stock
Fox Exocet Marker Float The ultimate marker float that has been designed for casting long distances and is also incredibly buoyant too Two-part moulded body that has been chemically welded to ensure consistent buoyancy High impact resistant plastic construction with flexible flights to ensure product longevity Kit option also available
Fox Halo Adjustable Zig Rig Float Kit Fox Halo Adjustable Zig Rig Float Kit
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Halo Zig Float Overview The well-thought out Halo is designed for use with leads of 3oz(85g) and above and comes supplied with interchangeable high visibility red and black nose cones, which make it much easier to see the Zig Float when fishing at range. The Halo Zig Kit, which comes supplied with a SLIK ring, buoyancy bead and lead link attachment to allow you to create a perfect set up, even ove…
Gardner Suspender Float Gardner Suspender Float
1 in stock
Gardner Suspender Float A unique Gardner product, the Suspender is a hugely successful floater controller that catches the cagiest surface feeding carp thanks to its ingenious design. The Suspender allows the hooklink to be kept above the surface which means that fish do not see the silhouette of the hooklink drastically reducing the chances of fish turning away at the last moment. The Suspender i…
Gardner Suspender Float XL Gardner Suspender Float XL
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Based on the fantastic Suspender floater controller float, the XL is an extended version of the original but without the counter weight below the float body. It has been designed to be used as an anchored floater set up, with a running lead placed above the XL Suspender on the mainline so that after it has been cast out, the line is fed out until the float surfaces and then gently tensioned so it…
Korda Interceptor Surface Float Korda Interceptor Surface Float
£6.99 - £8.49
20 in stock
Korda Interceptor Surface Floats The colour of these inline floats has been carefully selected to make them as visible as possible from above the surface, so that the angler can see them as clearly as possible, but at the same time are almost invisible to carp below the surface. They are available in a variety of sizes, the smallest being just 5g which is perfect for flicking baits out close to th…
Korda Marker Stem Korda Marker Stem
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Korda Marker Stem Perfect for fishing in weedy conditions when popping up a float would otherwise be a struggle. The ceramic ring allows the mainline to run through with very little resistance, whilst the bearing swivel ensures that the mainline doesn’t twist on the retrieve.
Korda SkyRaider & Drop Zone Marker Float Pack Orange Korda SkyRaider & Drop Zone Marker Float Pack Orange
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Korda SkyRaider & Drop Zone Marker Float Pack Orange The spod & marker pack has been assembled for your convenience. Each pack contains a long-range SkyRaider spod and one of our acclaimed DropZone marker floats. A kit featuring a complete marker-float setup Stem features ultra-buoyant foam section for use in weed Great for long-range marker work
Korda SLR Balsa Marker Float Korda SLR Balsa Marker Float
1 in stock
Korda SLR Marker Float Constructed from the highest quality wood to ensure that it pops up even at extreme ranges. Its thin diameter and uniquely shaped flights makes it very stable when casting in windy conditions. The plastic base cap increased durability when coming into contact with gravel bars & weed beds. Features Highly visible at range Super buoyant Stable in flight
Korda SLR Balsa Marker Float Kit Korda SLR Balsa Marker Float Kit
Out of stock
Korda SLR Balsa Marker Float Kit The Korda SLR Marker Float Kit contains everything needed for the ultimate, super-buoyant, long range marker float set-up. Hit long distances, fish in heavy weed you name it, this float set-up does it! Each pack contains one of Korda's awesome SLR Marker floats, a marker stem, shock-buffer bead and a 3oz Probe Lead. The SLR Marker float is made of the highest quali…


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