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ATTS Alarm Roller Wheels ATTS Alarm Roller Wheels
7 in stock
Increase the sensitivity of your ATTs Alarm with these interchangeable Magnet Roller Wheels, colour matched to all the LED colours. With the 2 Magnet Wheel the Receiver beeps once per 1 cm of line movement. With the 4 Magnet Wheel the Receiver beeps once per 0.5cm of line movement, the 6 Magnet wheel offers even more sensitivity than that. •The ATTs is supplied with a Black 2 Magnet Wheel as stand…
ATTs Tritium-Max Betalights ATTs Tritium-Max Betalights
3 in stock
ATTs Tritium-Max Betalights - 2 per pack Tritium-MAX betalights are the ultimate continuous light source. Gaseous Tritium technology provides the maximum possible brightness making these the most powerful isotopes available. Tritium-MAX are also the first betalights (for fishing use) to be made in True Purple colour. ATTs (6mm x 2mm) – tiny size for ATTs Alarms and Nano Bug Indicators. Sold in pai…
ESP Barrel Bobbin Kit ESP Barrel Bobbin Kit
3 in stock
ESP Barrel Bobbin Kit The highly versatile Barrel Bobbin kits include everything required to provide excellent bite indication in most carp fishing situations. All components apart from the ball chain are machined in the UK in our own factory, ensuring exceptional quality and precision. The bobbins have an aesthetically pleasing barrel shape - a refreshing departure from the standard cylindrical s…
Fox Black Label Slik Bobbin - All Colours Fox Black Label Slik Bobbin - All Colours
22 in stock
Black Label™ Indicator Slik® Bobbin This interesting new design features the much-talked about Slik Clip, which is a dual purpose clip with a massive advantage over similar styles of bobbin. The Slik Clip is designed to all you to place your main line into the base of the clip, thus ‘fixing’ the clip onto your main line. This far increases the bobbins sensitivity and is especially effective when f…
Korda BASIX Mini Stow Indicator Korda BASIX Mini Stow Indicator
8 in stock
Korda BASIX Mini Stow Indicator This is a smaller version of the famous Stow bobbins, which were developed on the banks of Elstow Lake and have been used by many members of Team Korda for years. The principle behind this bobbin is that it can be fished with both tight and slack lines, and when you get a take, the line releases from the clip on the side of it. For that to happen the stainless steel…
Korda Complete Stow Indicator Mk2 Korda Complete Stow Indicator Mk2
23 in stock
Korda Complete Stow Indicator Mk2 These are ready-to-go indicator systems that are available in all eight colours. You get a head with weight, magnetic hockey stick and TWO chains. The reason that the kits are supplied with two chains is so that you can use your indicators with any type of conventional bite alarm. The chains with short steel extensions are suitable for Delkim-sized alarms, whereas…
Korda Stow Lite Isotopes Korda Stow Lite Isotopes
10 in stock
Korda Stow Lite Isotopes These high-power isotopes fit the Stow Indicator System heads perfectly. You'll find a colour to match each of the indicator head colours in the range - perfect for the fashion conscious among us! Made to fit perfectly inside the Medium - XL Black and Whites and stow indicators Range matches the Stow head colours High-powered, high-quality isotopes Extremely long lasting 3…
Korda Stowaway Indicator Case Korda Stowaway Indicator Case
Out of stock
Korda Stowaway Indicator Case The ultimate in protection for your Stow indictors. These magnetic protective cases have been custom designed to hold your indicators securely. The heads clip into the boxes and the magnetic chain extension attaches to another magnet at the base of the box - ingenious! We have produced two-rod and three-rod versions. If you've got Stows, you'll want these cases! Prote…
Nash Bobbin Glow Pipe Adaptor Nash Bobbin Glow Pipe Adaptor
8 in stock
Optics Light Pipe Adaptor Customise almost any alarm with the wicked regenerating glow of Optics Light Pipes. Upgrade your alarms to accept Optics Light Pipes Customise alarms which feature a 2.5mm jack plug output, to upgrade to our patented Optic pulsing light for the very best in illumination. Plug in the 2.5mm jack plug and fit 12 or 20cm Light Pipes for a pulsing white glow at your Optics bob…
Nash Bobbin Kit Nash Bobbin Kit
7 in stock
Nash Bobbin Kit Better slack line indication! All you need for effective and seriously stylish indication in one pack, Nash Bobbin Kits have got it covered, containing smart acrylic bobbin heads, 8cm chains and anchor brackets. Two stage line clips allow line to be fished free running or gripped for better slack line indication with O ring fine adjustment for different mono diameters or braided re…
Nash Slap Head Bobbins Nash Slap Head Bobbins
£9.99 - £12.99
18 in stock
Nash Slap Head Bobbins Slap Heads Get your butt slapped The iconic Nash Slap Head indicators are back. Slicker, smarter, and more sensitive than ever. In Old Skool white or cult black the PTFE Slap Head offers the simplest and most reliable line connection yet, using an enclosed ball bearing, magnet and spring mechanism that clicks the mainline securely into the gate of the head but disengages the…
Nash Slap Head Kit Nash Slap Head Kit
Out of stock
Nash Slap Head Kit Disengages In An Instant Complete indication solutions combining the enclosed bearing, magnet and spring mechanism of the virtually unbreakable PTFE Slap Head that clicks line securely into the gate but disengages the instant a rod is picked up. Available in Old Skool white or cult black.


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